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Let me introduce myself, my name is Karo. Welcome to my website. 

I have been writing articles, blogs, content, columns, e-books, books and stories for over 24 years. Writing in my specialities is my greatest passion, my articles and blogs have been published on various websites and in magazines over the years. 

As a professional author, I write about any subject. I also, if necessary, do scientific research for the articles/blogs I write. Everything I write is Google unique content, attractively written, with the right tone of voice and with a high dose of useful information. I am also creative in coming up with inspiring titles that make readers want to read the content. I am a born Dutch and English author.

Epigenetic specialist

I am an Epigenetic specialist and have been in practice for 30 years with many clients from many countries in and outside Europe. Furthermore, I have many specialisations in this as well, but I practice in all physical and psychological complaints and illnesses. Besides that I am a Transformation-, Inner-child-, and Relationship therapist. I treat my clients mainly online from a holistic point of view, with the right nutrition, supplements, and emotional/mental approach. I am very passionate about restoring psychological and physical health within my clients, and it is amazingly rewarding work to do. Because of my great experience in this, I am also often asked as a consultant in the development of supplements. I love doing this because good formulated supplements help to regain health. After consulting in the formulas, I then support these scientifically in writing B2B and B2C content about these supplements if required.

Why am I telling you this?

Are you looking for a high-quality and scientifically researched Epigenetic/Medical article, written by a professional with over 30 years of practice and writing experience in this field? If so, I am the expert for your brand.

To be visible, good content is an absolute necessity

If you want to stand out from all your online competitors, good content about your product is an absolute necessity. Millions of people around the world are looking for their answers to their shortages and problems every day. If you don’t have good online information about your product, you will never be found. When you have good content and, it doesn't rank, you'll end up still being invisible. If you don't have a good blog, content, column or story, your competitors will!

A good blog with authentic content is a cheap way to get leads to your product. In addition, a good blog gives authority within the search engines and, you will rank higher! If you don't have a good blog, your competitors certainly will.

My specialisation is writing about every disease, psychological and physical. Scientifically researched on every subject in the Orthomolecular Epigenetic Holistic Medical field.

Journalistic articles

I also write editorial journalistic articles for a Dutch/English platform on various topics, including politics, human rights, health and spirituality. Some examples of my articles can be found in my portfolio.

Since I am bilingual, I translate all documents from Dutch to English and vice versa.

Other writing expertise:

  • 'About you' pages;
  • Life stories/biography;
  • Interviews;
  • Sports and nutrition
  • Children and nutrition
  • Business coaching and training;
  • Buddhism, auras;
  • Spiritual development, chakras;
  • Meditation, regression;
  • Children, foster children and parenting;
  • Children's health;
  • Hypnotherapy, inner child therapy and transformation therapy;
  • Relationships, love, divorce, pain and suffering;
  • History and fashion history;
  • Art, painting, drawing;
  • Clothing, clothing brands and styling;
  • Bags, accessories;
  • Opinion, politics, journalism and/or editing
  • Scientific, holistic, medical, epigenetic, orthomolecular, supplementation;
  • Travel, hotels, the most beautiful places in the world;
  • Natural ageing, anti-ageing, cosmetics;
  • Interior design
  • Nutrition, recipes, diets, losing weight, getting healthy.

A good author writes about any topic, with the right tone of voice

A good author, blogger, content writer, storyteller can write about any subject. I write razor-sharp, witty, authentic, plagiarism-free, inspiring content, well researched, SEO perfect and with the desired tone of voice.

The best content is written by The Content Blonde, so let's get started!

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Welcome to The Content Blonde, a professional published author.